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Welcome to the Altru Health System blog. Here, we feature patient stories in the form of Altru Moments, highlight employees as Faces of Altru, talk about healthy living tips for all and even provide tips specific to Modern Moms.

Our goal? To improve health and enrich life. This blog is another way for us to be open, candid and, of course, true.

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  • 14 thoughts on “About It’s Altru

    1. Very exciting. Glad to see we are using new ways to get employee feedback, thoughts, concerns and questions about things going on at Altru.

      • Thanks for the helpful feedback, Chad. We’ll take your suggestion into consideration. Though we’re currently limited to this blog template, we could (and will) do a better job of explaining how to comment in the future. Thanks again!

      • Hi Billy, yes, we are planning an update related to the article that was in the paper. The interview was not arranged formally, so we were not aware that there was going to be a news story. When the reporter visited with our leaders after a non-Altru event, we were not under the impression that there would be a story printed. Please know, we will always work hard to ensure all staff have any updates related to our operations first before they are shared through the media. Please watch the Green Cross for an upcoming blog post related to the coverage.

          • Hi Jill-
            As we are defining the scope of services that will be located within the facilities on South Washington, we are reviewing how that land may be utilized. At this point, no land has been sold.

    2. I don’t mind being nudged into the 21st century (my son calls me “Mrs. Electronic of 1987”) but all too often I’ve seen this sort of application steal way too much of a person’s time. Any suggestions for balancing time spent on the blog with time needed to accomplish our assigned responsibilities? It only took a couple of minutes to read the Altru News. How much of a person’s time is this going to take and are there established parameters for its use?

      • Dear Mrs. Electronic of 1987 😉
        Good question. Patients always come first, and online activity should not interfere with your work commitments. That being said, the blog shouldn’t take any more time to read than Altru News did. We simply want you to stay informed in a new way and have the opportunity to provide feedback. You can read more about our usage guidelines here: http://blogs.altru.org/how-to-use-its-altru/.
        Thanks, Diane!

      • Kathy, yes, unfortunately there have been negative comments made about Altru. And, we are doing our best to correct any misleading comments. It’s the job of all us to continue to spread the good news for everything Altru is doing in the region. If there is additional information you feel you need so you can do that, please let us know and we will supply you with everything you need.

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