Altru Supports Reducing Binge Drinking in Greater Grand Forks

High-risk alcohol use is a growing concern for the well-being of our entire community, not only for those participating in high-risk behavior, but also their families, friends and neighbors. Data show alcohol is readily available to local youth, most often by family or friends. In Grand Forks County alone, three DUI arrests occur every two days. Alcohol is a factor in 75 percent of the cases in which people received medical treatment after an assault.

Reducing binge drinking is a top priority identified through our Community Health Assessment. We have been working with the Community and Campus Committee on High-Risk Alcohol Use, a group of officials representing the University of North Dakota, various City organizations and area business owners in the hospitality industry, toward this goal.

Recently, this group has received some media attention regarding their efforts to reduce binge drinking. As a community partner, Altru Health System fully supports this group’s efforts to reduce underage and binge drinking in Greater Grand Forks to create a safer and healthier community for all.

This message was sent to the Grand Forks Herald’s editorial section in support of the CCC. Read the letter to the editor>>

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As Chief Planning Executive, Dennis Reisnour leads the development of Altru’s strategic plan and directs the marketing, communication and overall management of Altru’s brand. In his spare time, he enjoys time at the cabin, culinary explorations and spending time with his granddaughters.

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