Altru’s New Era | A Bold Investment for Our Region’s Future

Do you feel it?

A bold new era in healthcare is on the horizon.

At Altru Health System, we are planning for the future healthcare needs of our entire region.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Altru Health System, we are proud to announce a bold new era in care for the people of our region that will lead to:

  • An investment of well over $250 million
  • A brand new 21st century hospital
  • Expanded clinic services
  • Extensive deployment of new technology
  • Cutting-edge surgical and emergency services
  • A population approach to healthcare

“The needs of our patients, and our communities, are changing,” shares Dave Molmen, CEO. “As the region’s healthcare provider for 130 years, it is our responsibility to innovate so we can continue to meet those needs for generations to come.”

By combining world-class facilities, technology and a new approach to patient care, we will meet our patients’ changing needs and expectations, and secure our region’s healthcare future for generations to come.

“The structural failure at the clinic in 2016 created an opportunity for Altru to design tomorrow’s healthcare today,” adds Dr. Eric Lunn, President. “It challenged us to understand how care needs to be delivered long into the future and gave us the opportunity to build on the plans we have in place and to do things that were previously unattainable.” 

The design process is well underway. Our goal is to have the new facility open sometime in 2022. Our community-owned health system has provided outstanding healthcare to our region for over 130 years. Today, we are launching the plan for the next 130 years. It is a commitment to our region’s physical and economic health for generations to come. It will position our region as a medical destination, providing an economic boost that attracts new businesses and families looking for a vibrant place to call home. It will also enable us to expand our efforts in population health and engaging with our residents throughout their lives to keep them well.

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