Attacking Cancer at All Angles

“It’s about focusing on the fight and not the fright.”

-Robin Roberts 

The new linear accelerator at Altru Cancer Center advances the fight against cancer. The high-tech machine attacks cancer cells at all angles, from head to toe and everything in between.

Following six weeks of installation and six weeks of calibration, Altru’s new, cutting-edge linear accelerator (Infinity model by Elekta) began treating patients in April 2014.

Linear Accelerator team at Altru

(Front Row, L to R: Aaron Kempenich, Diane Prudhomme, Lori Miller. Back Row, L to R: Sharon Jenson, Dr. Grant Seeger, Kent Perrin, Kristine Krom, Dr. Marshall Winchester, Jim Olivier)

Leaf-Like Motion
“The new machine operates in one fluid motion using leaf-shaped plates,” explains Aaron Kempenich, physicist. “We can more precisely target radiation at cancer cells. It can be used on all shapes and sizes of people. Our goal is to attack the cancer, while carefully sparing healthy tissue and organs.”

With the linear accelerator’s precise targeting, cancer patients experience fewer negative side effects with treatment, improving overall quality of life.

Better Patient Experience
The equipment will also reduce treatment time for patients, from 7-15 minutes down to two or three minutes. This makes it much more comfortable for patients who have difficulty lying on their backs.

Linear Accelerator above

Peaceful scene above the linear accelerator.

The 360-degree attack approach moves around the patient treating a variety of cancers, including lung and brain tumors. For example, some brain tumors may only require one treatment (outpatient procedure), while lung tumors may take one to five treatments.

Linear Accelerator at Altru

Equipped to Fight
No one wants to think about needing an advanced cancer-attacking machine such as Altru’s linear accelerator. If the unimaginable should happen to you or a loved one, Altru Cancer Center is well equipped to help you fight back.

Learn more about Altru Cancer Center at or by calling 701.780.5400.

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