Bold New Era: Creating a Destination for Care

Imagine the last time you were a patient, or visited a patient in a hospital. Were you worried about an illness or anxious about a procedure? What about your loved one? Were you alone?

If you could escape this stressful time and go anywhere to reduce your anxiety, where would you go? What does it look like? What features of this place contribute to your calm?

Often, responses include ideas of outdoor spaces, water and the soothing elements of nature. It’s inherent to seek the reprieve that the natural landscape provides. There’s an emotional and psychological tie between people and places.

Transforming Our Environment

Our bold new era in care means not only reimagining the way we give care. We get to transform the environment where we care for our patients during the most sensitive, and sometimes fragile, moments of their lives. Using our surroundings, we can create a destination that is natural, recognizable and comforting.

The space we need to do this is right before our eyes on our Columbia Road Campus. Mature, luscious greenery borders the campus. With our proximity to features such as the English Coulee and Sertoma Park, we have the good fortune of integrating the city’s natural elements into our design.

“New era plans stretch beyond the types of technology we’ll include and the buildings we’ll create. We have an incredible opportunity to continue development of our Columbia Road Campus in a way that creates the best healing environment for our patients,” states Dennis Reisnour, Chief Strategy Officer.

Altru’s master plan steering committee considered many factors for the location. With the support of Altru’s Board of Directors, the decision was made to build the new hospital within our Columbia Road Campus, north of the current hospital location.


New Era Next Steps

“Our bold new era marks a significant investment for our region,” states Brad Wehe, Chief Operating Officer. “We are committed to understanding the voice of our patients, physicians, staff and all stakeholders. Together we will create a state-of-the-art healing environment that takes care of the entire region for decades to come.”

Altru will hold multi-day workshops through the planning and construction process with stakeholders from throughout the health system and in the community. These workshops will include concentrated conversations and hands-on activities focusing on the needs for space. Work is also being done to increase collaboration among providers to further enhance patient care and eliminate tasks that don’t directly provide value to the patient.

“As the needs of our patients, and our communities, change, it’s our responsibility to innovate so we can meet those needs for future generations,” states Wehe.

As plans are developed throughout all of our facility developments, we are seeking input from our region’s community members, our physicians and staff. We invite you to send your ideas and suggestions through the form on our website or by emailing

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