Meet the Mako™ | Behind the Scenes with Altru Advanced Orthopedics’ Newest Addition

Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Darin Leetun and Dr. Jeremy Gardner spend hundreds of hours each month in the operating room at Altru Specialty Center. They fix knees, hips, shoulders and elbows, making sure each joint is either brand new or …

Expanding Our Reach at Altru Clinic in Crookston

Altru Clinic in Crookston rendering

*Please note: this rendering is the architectural concept and is not the final replica, as plans are still under development.

Accessible and community-focused. Respectful and patient-focused. For more than 95 years, we have been serving Crookston and the Polk County …

Altru Microbiologists Discover New Bacteria Species, Altruii

“As a former microbiologist, I couldn’t be prouder of the laboratory team in the discovery of this new organism. Their discovery could lead to potential improvements in patient care that we can’t even imagine,” explains Dr. Eric Lunn, president of

Preventing Fentanyl Fatalities in the Red River Valley

Fentanyl overdose fatalities in America continue to increase, leaving a path of heartbreak with no sign of stopping in the immediate future. Our region has been touched too frequently with nearly 40 deaths in North Dakota from drug overdoses since …

Altru Advanced Orthopedics Opens At Altru Professional Center

It’s an exciting time of change for Altru’s orthopedics, sports medicine and sports training teams. There’s a new name, a new location and new procedures and programs now available to the residents of the Red River Valley and beyond.


Advancing Care for Healthy Hearts

Heres to your Heart_Blog_2
The heart is the body’s strongest muscle. It beats 100,000 times per day, pumping 1.5 gallons of blood each minute. Your heart, along with your vascular system, which is made up of vessels that carry blood through your body, is …