Creating a Culture of High Reliability at Altru

High reliabilityIt has been well over a decade since the Institutes of Medicine published, “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Healthcare System,” sending reverberations through the healthcare community that can still be felt today. This groundbreaking report called attention to the devastating harm that can be caused by medical errors. It was a call to action for provider organizations to radically improve the safety and reliability of medical processes.

In the years since, “To Err is Human…”, healthcare organizations have increasingly drawn from the lessons of other high-safety impact industries to reduce risks. A couple of notable examples are the aviation and nuclear industries, where aggressive safety improvements have accounted for a more than 90 percent reduction in safety-related events. In each of these cases, high reliability was achieved by carefully analyzing sources of error and engineering systems to prevent them from occurring, even when unexpected things happen.  

At Altru, we’re applying those same high reliability concepts to the care that we give every day. Delivering the safest care possible is the very foundation of World-Class Care. But the journey doesn’t end there. Along the way, we’ve discovered that the techniques used to provide consistently safe care are the very same tools that can be used to ensure consistently high quality care and a consistently excellent patient experience.

The idea behind this is simple: as we design the best care processes possible, we engineer into them mechanisms to make sure they deliver what they’re supposed to every single time, without exception. We have clear standards and resilient processes that prevent errors and other failures.

Our goal is to consistently deliver the best care to our patients and community. We are committed to achieving nothing less than World-Class Care.

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Dave MolmenDave Molmen is Altru’s Chief Executive Officer. In his free time, Dave enjoys music, wood-working and cycling. 

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