Our Journey to World-Class Care | LDI Update

Last spring, we shared our vision for the health system:

We will deliver world-class health care to the people of our region. 

This means providing the best health care anywhere: the best quality, the best service and the best outcomes. Our aim is to make sure that we deliver nothing but the best, without exception, in every single patient interaction.

To start, we have been putting the right fundamentals in place. Over the last year, physician and senior leadership, managers and supervisors have been attending Leadership Development Institutes (LDI). Here, they have been learning Evidence-Based Leadership (EBL) practices. This model has led to the adoption of enhanced patient and employee rounding. Patient rounding has helped increase patient perception of care scores in many aspects and helps us continue to improve and better understand the needs of our patients. Through employee rounding, we’ve implemented the use of stoplight reports. In addition to enhancing communication between leaders and employees, we’re learning your ideas on how to improve the health system and continue on our journey to world-class care.

Last week’s Leadership Development Institute led to further EBL engagement in must-haves (thank you notes, rounding, stoplight reports) and introduced new concepts that your leaders will begin to implement. Read on for a brief run-down of each.

Behavior Standards
A key part of creating a culture that consistently delivers high quality and reliable care to our patients is having a core set of behavior standards. These standards, which we all understand and live by, ensure we consistently deliver world-class care.

Altru’s Behavior Standards have been created by employees and leaders at Altru and are represented by “I am Altru”. Each letter of “I am Altru” is the first letter of a word that represents a category of behavior standards. Each category has a “We” statement and several “I” statements that speak to what we will commit to as individuals and as a team. These standards are expected behaviors for all. (Your leader will visit with you specifically about the behavior standards where you can discuss any questions you have, understand their importance, and visit about standards that may be easy to attain and those where additional guidance is needed.)

Goals/90-Day Action Plans/Monthly Meeting Model
Altru’s Strategic Plan continues to drive us forward. It is the road map that outlines the organization’s goals and measurable outcomes organized in pillars: People, Quality, Service, Finance, Growth and Community.

Last fall, every leader defined goals for their department which will support these strategies. The next step in aligning our efforts is for managers and supervisors to establish 90-day action plans to help achieve these goals. Breaking down the work into quarters helps us see if the steps we are putting in place are making a difference or if we need to adjust processes along the way. Further, managers learned of the Monthly Meeting Model process to structure meetings and ensure we remain accountable to our action plans and goals.

To keep the organization’s and your department’s goals top of mind, this spring each department will receive a communication board where the goals and progress toward those goals will be displayed.

Our journey to delivering world-class care is far from finished. As we adopt more Evidence-Based Leadership practices and hardwire our efforts, we’ll continue to improve the care we provide our patients and go even further on our journey to achieving our vision. If you have any questions about this journey, behavior standards, the organization’s goals, or your department’s goals, please visit with your manager. Be sure to continue watching the Green Cross for more updates along our journey together.

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