5 Reasons to Run for Your Buns (5K)

5 Reasons to Run for Your BunsThis blog post was written in collaboration with Kamrin Macki, a nurse practitioner with Altru’s Gastroenterology Clinic.

As a healthcare provider, I know the importance of staying healthy. I try to make conscious decisions about what I eat …

Shaping the Future

Spring 2011 392Eleven millimeters. Pretty tiny, right? When Kathryn Vigness learned her son James’ head had grown 11 millimeters in just two weeks, she knew she and her husband, Aaron, had made the right decision.

“Seeing the results confirmed we did the …

Altru’s Piece of Autism Awareness

When children are young, we do everything in our power to ensure they develop properly. We nurture them with unconditional love. We give them all we have. We want them to thrive.

Staggering data suggests that 1 in 88 children