6 Reasons to Sign Up for MyHealth

When it comes to your health, you want to be as involved and informed as possible. Altru’s MyHealth gives you easy access to your health care—right at your fingertips. Here are six reasons to sign up for MyHealth:

Laptop1. You

Improving Health across the Valley, into the Future

Imagine what health care would be like if there weren’t enough doctors, lack-luster technology, and clinics were few and far between.


AL-CountryLuckily for us, those aren’t issues at Altru. We’ve had great success with physician recruitment. We’re using new …

Quality Care through Technology

What can provide better overall care, reduce medication errors, improve portability of clinical information, speed diagnosis and treatment, and keep patients more involved in their care?

Technology is the answer.

Altru strives to meet the needs of all patients as …