What it means to say: I AM ALTRU

When you stop by Altru’s coffee kiosks and order your morning cup o’ joe, do you expect your vanilla-double foam-extra shot-soy latte to taste the same every day? Of course you do. It’s your drink. Have you come to expect friendly service with a smile? Absolutely.

These are standards. We expect the same level of attentive service and wake-you-up quality brew time after time.

I am AltruAt Altru, we aim to create a similar type of experience. In order to establish trust with our patients, every encounter needs to adopt certain standards of behavior.

Because every circumstance is different, there’s no exact cookie cutter approach to creating exceptional experiences for our patients. However, consistently applying a single set of behavior standards is an essential part of achieving our vision of world-class care. They replace several sets of standards, including the Altru Experience, that have been developed over the years.

Introducing Altru’s Behavior Standards
The day we accepted a position at Altru, we became a visible representative of Altru Health System. We contribute to our culture each day and demonstrate that culture through the experience we provide our patients and their families.

We are pleased to introduce Altru’s Behavior Standards created by employees and leaders and represented by the letters “I am Altru.”

Each letter of “I am Altru” is the first letter of a word that represents a category of behavior standards. Each category has a “We” statement and several “I” statements that speak to what we will commit to as an individual and as a team. These standards are expected behaviors for all Altru employees.

It’s Not ‘Just a Job’
Our responsibility to our community is not only to be here, day in and day out, like this is just another job. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of behavior, including:

  • Integrity: We will always do the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Acknowledge: We will create a welcoming, healing environment.
  • Meaningful: We will provide an exceptional patient experience.
  • Accountable: We will accept responsibility for our actions and behaviors.
  • Listen: We will listen and seek to understand.
  • Team: We will work together to deliver world-class care.
  • Respect: We will treat others with respect.
  • Understanding: We will seek to understand and respond genuinely.

See the complete list of Altru’s Behavior Standards as well as Frequently Asked QuestionsAnd, hear Dr. Christopher Boe, emergency medicine, explain behavior standards at Leadership Development Institute last fall:

We are a community of more than 4,000 joined together with one core purpose. No matter our role, we are here to improve health and enrich lives. Individually, we can proudly say: I am Altru.

Just like your favorite friendly barista can brighten your day, you also have a corner of the world to positively influence. None of us are in this alone. Whether in the conference room, in the checkout line, in the arena, in the pew or in the parade—we are Altru. 

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