7 Quick, Cool {and Healthy!} Treats for Hot Days

Frozen grapesWhen the summer heat hits, most of us make a bee-line to the fridge or freezer for something cold to snack on. Avoid an ice cream gut-ache with these healthy alternatives.

For Your Sweet Tooth:

Banana pops. Grab as many

Move Well to Prevent Osteoporosis (Part 2)

An estimated 10 million Americans have osteoporosis, and an additional 34 million have low bone mineral density. Women are at greater risk for developing osteoporosis and can lose up to 20 percent of their bone mineral density in the five …

Prevent Osteoporosis through Proper Nutrition (Part 1)

Smiling young woman drinking milkOsteoporosis causes bone to become so weak that even a mild stress can cause a fracture. About 1.5 million osteoporosis-related fractures occur annually in the United States. Of these, approximately 300,000 are of the hip, resulting in financial stress and …

In-Season Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

RunningAs the weather begins to warm, our thoughts naturally turn to summer and the array of wonderful outdoor activities we can enjoy. For many of us, this includes participating in the many endurance races the Red River Valley has to …

Top 5 Reasons Athletes Should See a Chiropractor

Woman runningAthletes and fitness-focused adults rely on their bodies for more than simply getting around. Peak performance is key in sport, and if the musculoskeletal system isn’t aligned properly, your body can’t reach its potential. As part of Altru Advanced Orthopedics

Gaining Strength, Speed and a Knack for Nutrition: Hannah’s Sports Advantage Story

For most student athletes, proper nutrition is something they expect to hear about from their parents, not from a registered dietitian as part of their training program. That’s what stood out for Hannah Snobeck when she started training with Sports

7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier You

BikingNobody (not even dietitians!) is in perfect health, and that means everyone can benefit from making improvements to their wellness routine. Our physical well-being impacts almost every other area of our life: our mood, our productivity and our relationships, to …

Performance Mindset | How to Utilize Your Mind to Improve Your Body

GymBurnout and turnover among professionals, whether athletes, business professionals, doctors or other, is often linked back to lack of motivation or drive. The same can be said in the gym. Without the proper mindset, a client is more susceptible to …

Loss of Range of Motion | Daily Annoyance or Sign for Shoulder Replacement?

Shoulder stretchIf you notice that you can no longer reach a shelf that you used to be able to, or reach your arm out to catch something, you may be experiencing a loss of range of motion. Many people chalk this …