Holly’s Day with an Altru Dietitian

This guest blog post was written by Holly Benjamin, who recently won a Day with a Dietitian through our January #HealthyChoices Challenge on Facebook. 

As an Altru employee, I have so many opportunities to learn how to live healthier. Healthy Choices is another easy way to do just that.

Family PhotoSince I can remember I’ve battled weight. For the last year and a half, I have decided to commit to this battle. This is not just a weight battle; it’s a healthy lifestyle battle. I hope to not only change my ways, but introduce healthy changes to my family.

With the posts and contests on Healthy Choices, I am always engaged. Even better, I won this free learning experience. How great is that?!

What’s a Day with a Dietitian?
Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I was told I had won a Day with a Dietitian.

Will she just talk to me?
Evaluate my health and food choices?
Teach me new ways to eat?
What will happen?

Whatever it was, I knew it would be good. And I was right. Jeanmarie taught me plenty.

Start shopping
We met at Hugo’s, and she asked my about my family’s eating habits. I was pleased to report that we have made some healthy changes already and that my kids eat a variety of foods.

Day with a Dietitian | Shopping Hugo's

Realizing that we do a lot of quick meals, Jeanmarie gave me tips to make those meals healthier. As we toured through the grocery store, she stopped at the different departments and explained what to look for in the ingredients, what is good, what is bad and how to use different foods.

Surprising finds
The most shocking thing she taught me was that cans (for canned foods) are lined in BPA and certain foods will leech the BPA into them. Why is BPA in cans? I guess that’s another reason to buy fresh or frozen.

Grocery Shopping

I was also surprised to find that I can buy organic foods for the same price as regular foods. Who would have thought? I just need to watch prices and look for sale items.

Healthy, home-cooked lunch
Next up was a stop at my house to cook Tiki Masala with Cauliflower. Jeanmarie and I worked together to make this delicious lunch.

Holly Cooking

I had never cooked with coconut oil or fresh ginger, so I was given tips and uses for these. As these foods cooked, I was amazed. It smelled so good! I have cooked and baked plenty over the years, and nothing has ever smelled that good. The combination of spices and ingredients caught me. And then the taste! Delicious. My husband also enjoyed the lunch.

Tiki Masala with Cauliflower

Click here for the complete recipe for Tiki Masala with Cauliflower. 

Sweet taste of success
My day was a success. I got useful tips and learned about organic foods. I am making changes in our diet and being more mindful when buying foods.

I am also looking forward to trying tofu in the future. I learned that if you cook it right, it can even be a delicious dessert. Who doesn’t love a good dessert?

Learn more about Altru’s Nutrition Therapy services, including grocery store tours. 

Holly Profile

Feeling inspired? Get your kitchen in shape. Read Jeanmarie’s tips on Five Foods to Swap in Your Fridge.

Holly Benjamin is a nurse in Altru’s Pediatric Clinic. She and her husband Garritt have three kids and live in East Grand Forks. In her free time, Holly enjoys running, being a taxi for her children and watching gymnastics and hockey.

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