30 Days of Running

Exhilaration. Go further. Deep breath. One more song. One more lap. One more minute. 

These thoughts flood my mind as my feet hit the track or pound the pavement. Now, I’m not an accomplished runner with dozens of marathons under my belt. Far from it, in fact. Only two short years ago I made the commitment with a friend to start a healthier lifestyle. Running became part of my habit.  Soon, I feel in love with the way my feet hit the ground and I was hooked.

Those first steps weren’t easy. I’d run one minute and walk five. But, I stuck to my training calendar and pushed myself a little further. After the first month, I reached my goal: I ran 30 minutes without stopping. I couldn’t believe it. Success!  It no longer felt like effort or merely exercise. It’s become a lifestyle, and I look forward to it. Even better, no equipment is needed. Feet, shoes, ground, and go!


Runners are like family. Ever notice the head nods with a smile by the passerby’s on the sidewalk or track? How about the friendly waves of drivers as we share the streets?  What better way to celebrate the healthy lifestyle that running brings than with a specific focus? Thus last year’s birth of 30 Days of Running.

30 Days of Running was inspired by a social movement based out of Minneapolis, Minn., 30daysofbiking.com. Theirs challenged people to get on their bikes for any length of time during the month of April. Then, talk about it online. Our challenge is similar. The main difference is that this one uses your feet rather than two wheels.

Backed by Altru Health System and supported by a myriad of community businesses and organizations, 30 Days of Running celebrates its second birthday on June 1. Even better, national running day is June 4. 30 days in June. 30 days of running. Coincidence? Sounds like the stars have aligned if you ask me.

Make the Commitment
Never ran before? Training for your first 5K? Experienced marathoner? Weekend warrior? No matter your experience level, we want you to commit to get moving along with us during the month of June. Make the commitment here. 

If you need routes or tips, we’ve got all that, too. Just visit 30daysofrunning.org for tips to keep you going and routes that many of us are taking. With all of us running together, we are running toward a healthier community.

LacesLace Up Those Sneaks
Wherever someone is lacing up their sneaks, we’re there. Two legs. One leg. Prosthetic legs. Push for a healthier lifestyle. Seasoned runner. First-timer. Winter, spring, summer, fall. We’re there. If you have the passion burning inside of you to get up and move, you’ll find us. Throughout the month, there are different challenges:

  • Two-Mile Tuesdays: Hit the road for two miles of exercise.
  • Wild Hog Wednesdays: Join the Wild Hog Half Marathon committee in a few different routes around Grand Forks.
  • Family Fridays: Get off the couch and get active with your family.
  • Far As You Can Go Saturdays: Set a personal goal for your distance or time. Tell us how you’ve accomplished it.

Then, go online and talk about it. Tell your family and friends how you did. We’ll watch the conversation and enter you to win challenge prizes: shoes, yard games and Wild Hog Half Marathon race registrations.

We’ll keep you interested and on pace. Even better, pick up a sweet pair of orange laces to show that you are part of the #30DaysofRunning crew. You’ll find these at area running events, Scheels All Sports, Choice Health & Fitness, Altru Family YMCA or by asking us on Altru’s Healthy Choices Facebook page.

You don’t need to be an experienced distance runner. Just push yourself to do a little more every day. Every stretch of a run matters and counts. Of course, some runs will be better than others. Be proud of the dedication you put in and how far you’ve taken yourself.

Let’s run together toward healthier lifestyles. Let’s run toward a healthier community. Join the movement. Be part of #30DaysofRunning.

DeAnn BurckhardHailing from the Magic City (Minot, N. Dak.) and now a Minnesota transplant, DeAnn Burckhard has been part of Altru Health System’s family in public relations since 2003. She’s the co-creator of Altru’s #30DaysofRunning with running buddy and colleague, Annie Berge. When DeAnn isn’t playing make-believe and dress-up with her two young daughters, she can be found running up and down the beautiful streets of the Grand Cities. 


Make your run the best it can be. Take advantage of discounts at the Sanny and Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention during June to learn how proper nutrition, footwear and form can take you further. Get the details.

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