10 Tips for Avoiding and Treating Joint Pain

Did you know you can take certain steps to prevent joint pain? Dr. Darin Leetun, Altru Advanced Orthopedics, shares 10 tips for avoiding and treating joint pain.

10 Joint Care Tip Ortho Pub1. Maintain proper weight.
Excess pounds put extra force on joints, causing them to wear out. Even a small weight change can take the load off of taxed joints.

2. Avoid hard surfaces.
When exercising, stick to surfaces with cushion. Top picks are a soft trail or track. Even a road (when safe) beats cement.

3. Strengthen your feet.
Wearing proper shoes is important, but you can also help your feet withstand impact by strengthening them. Walk barefoot around the house.

4. Improve your form.
During activity, proper form can protect you from injury and pain. Learn about your form with a gait analysis at the Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics.

5. Go for a swim.
Don’t compromise your workout when dealing with joint pain. Choose non weight-bearing exercises, like swimming, to stay in shape.

6. Strength train.
When done right, strength training can preserve bone density. If you are new to it, schedule a session with Sports Advantage powered by EXOS. They will show you the ropes and ensure proper form.

7. Stretch.
As we age, muscles and joints stiffen. Stretching keeps them loose and prepared for impact. When stretching, avoid bouncing or pulsing. Big, fluid movements are the best way to warm up and stretch.

8. Eat right.
Berries, soy products and salmon have anti-inflammatory properties that are good for joints. Try this joint-friendly smoothie.

9. Do physical therapy after an injury.
Many injuries cause imbalances, the effects of which don’t appear until years later. Stick to your recommended physical therapy plan, including continued at-home therapy, if advised.

10. Seek care.
If you have pain, swelling, locking, catching or anything out of the ordinary, seek medical care. Catching an injury sooner rather than later can prevent serious complications. If you are concerned with your joint health, contact Altru Advanced Orthopedics. Our team of experts can help get you safely back on track.

Leetun Darin 4CDr. Darin Leetun has over 15 years of experience in orthopedic surgery and medical orthopedics. He has been team physician for USA Hockey since February 2010 and for US Ski and Snowboarding since 2009., He accompanied USA hockey team to Germany in 2013. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery with specialty certification in sports medicine. In his free time, Dr. Leetun enjoys golf, personal conditioning and hunting.

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