6 Non-Negotiable Rules We Follow To Help Our Clients Achieve Greatness

When leading athletes to greatness, establishing and maintaining an individualized dialogue is of utmost importance. When it comes to achieving goals relative to performance levels, coaches and trainers must maximize the proactive capacity of our clientele by dialing into our coaching mindset. Eminence, or greatness, was never achieved with little effort, or lack of detail. Eminence was achieved with forward thinking, goal setting, creativity, sweat and collaboration to execute a game plan.

At Sports Advantage powered by EXOS, my fellow performance experts and I build a game plan based on these intangibles for each and every athlete and adult client we work with. By building a crafted plan and consistently working off of it, we are able to raise the bar and help our clients reach their greatness. Our team is dedicated to building an environment for our clients in which something bigger can be achieved. This is not just a gym. You are not “getting in a workout” here. We focus on a systematic approach with a coaching mindset that is dedicated to improving health and enriching life. To do so, these six non-negotiable rules must be followed:

  1. Evaluate

The first thing all clients do when they step into our gym is undergo an evaluation. The age, training history, goals and injury history all factor into what we evaluate and test with each client. With most of our adult clients, we will perform a Functional Movement Screen, which looks at seven movement patterns in an attempt to assess how well they move as well as uncover any past injuries. Our adults will also perform a body composition assessment with our Registered Dietitian to assess their lean muscle mass and body fat percentages. Our younger athletes will also undergo an assessment, typically geared more toward measuring performance variables such as the vertical jump, the 10 yard sprint and the 5/0/5 agility test.

  1. Build a Game Plan

We take the information that we collect from the client’s evaluation, along with their training goals and history and use that information to put together a game plan to help them reach those specific goals.

  1. Execute the Plan

As coaches, we manage the game plan and work to reduce or eliminate deficits. As we train our clients, we refer consistently to this plan and mark progress and milestones along the way. We also coach our clients up. It’s imperative that they understand that we have just as much skin in the game as they do as we work toward their greatness. The success of a coach or trainer is measured by the success of our athletes and clients. At EXOS, we live by this notion.

  1. Emphasize Nutrition

Without proper fuel, full potential for performance cannot be achieved. At Altru’s Sports Advantage, we have a dedicated performance dietitian who works with our clients. Her sole focus is on fueling the body for performance. The nutrition education and information provided is based off of EXOS’ proven nutrition methodologies that professional athletes diligently follow. These are adapted for each client and group that we work with.

  1. Focus on Preparation and Recovery

Proper warm-ups and cool-downs are vital to success. As coaches, we focus on administering care before and after a workout. This might mean extra stretching if the workout requires it, soft tissue work and use of proper tools, such as foam rollers. These steps should not be cookie cutter. We put thought into the preparation for, and recovery after each workout.

  1. Re-evaluate & Re-create

When milestones from an athlete’s game plan are reached, the job is not done. It’s time to re-evaluate, create new thresholds, and hold that individual to new standards. A game plan is meant to evolve, and so are athletes and clients who are aiming for greatness.

These six steps are followed in our gym every day. They are our non-negotiables, and, they can help you, our clients, achieve your performance greatness.


PaulPaul Ewbank is the performance manager with Sports Advantage powered by EXOS. He enjoys spending time outside, whether hiking, fly fishing or cross country skiing. 





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