Overcoming Injury & Gaining Energy | Tanner’s Sports Advantage Story

Tanner working outFor Tanner Johnson, exercise has always meant routine, and his routine had hit a plateau. That’s when he discovered Sports Advantage powered by EXOS, and was able to elevate his performance, lose weight and gain energy. All with the support of his fellow Rally training participants and the performance team. We asked Tanner about his experience and why he feels that this program is a cut above the rest.

Q. What’s your athletic or exercise background?
A. Growing up I played hockey and baseball. I still play hockey and softball in rec leagues. I also referee hockey and umpire fast and slow pitch softball.

Prior to training at Sports Advantage powered by EXOS, my workout routine was to hit the gym four times a week, spending time on the treadmill or elliptical. It was the same routine, and I had stopped seeing changes.

Q. Why did you choose Sports Advantage powered by EXOS for training?
A. My wife, Brittany, was familiar with the program and encouraged me to give it a shot. I took advantage of the free week of classes during the grand opening and really enjoyed it. I met with Anthony Morando initially; he made sure he understood my injuries and fitness history before we ever hit the gym. After the free trial, I signed up right away and have been going ever since.

Q. What has your experience at EXOS been like overall?
A. It has been excellent. Each coach knows about my injuries and areas of focus. I’ve had shoulder surgery and they make sure to tailor workouts to strengthen that shoulder without harming it. I’ve been doing a lot of hockey reffing lately, and it has caused my knees some discomfort. The team knows this and has adjusted my workouts accordingly.

Q. What’s your “EXOS routine”?
A. I go to the noon class six days a week. I get to the gym 30 minutes early to get a good stretch in, use the foam rollers if I need them and do a quick warm up. It really helps to get me in the zone and ready for the workout.

Tanner and daughterQ. How has training with Sports Advantage impacted you?
A. I feel like I have a lot more energy. I work from 3 a.m. – 10 a.m. Prior to working out at Sports Advantage, I’d go to the gym then come home and nap. Now, I can keep going most of the day. I can keep up with my two kids and have the energy to play with my oldest daughter, even after a long shift at work. Beyond the extra energy, I’ve lost weight and gained strength. Before I started, I was overweight and had lower back issues. Now my back issues are gone and I’ve already lost 25 pounds. I feel great.

Q. Do you follow any nutrition recommendations provided by EXOS?
A. My wife and I have made big changes to our diet since starting at EXOS and learning more about nutrition. We rarely go out to eat these days, and focus on cooking lean meats and vegetables. Now, our daughter eats like that, too. She loves carrots and tomatoes, really any of the veggies that we eat at supper. I see so many kids eating fast food, and I am happy that our daughter is eating healthy and enjoying it because of the choices we are making.

Q. Would you recommend Sports Advantage powered by EXOS to others? If so, why?
A. Yes, I’ve already recommended it to many people. The trainers at Sports Advantage focus on your specific goals. I told them I wanted to lose weight for hockey; they’ve helped me get there. I can keep up with plays when reffing and have more energy at men’s league. I hope that more and more people in the community take advantage of this great resource.

Q. Anything else you’d like to share?
A. Working out at EXOS feels like being part of a family. We all cheer each other on, and the coaches really support that comradery. We call ourselves the “EXOS Family” and it really feels that way.

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