De-Stress, Re-Charge and be a Happier, Healthier You in 2017 (We’ll Help!)

Stretching away the stressAs we kick off 2017, many of us look to become a better version of ourselves in the new year. There are resolutions to lose weight, save money, travel more, eat better – the list goes on. With all this focus on self-improvement, the ever looming burden of stress can get in the way. Beyond that, with resolutions often focused on one goal, the rest of our health & happiness picture sometimes fades, and we fall short of where we want to be.

To help you work toward whatever you resolve to do this year with a holistic, stress-free approach, we’ve called on experts throughout Altru Health System to offer up their tips and insight. So, when January becomes June and life gets a little crazy, you can easily find your balance and get back on track.

Here’s what you can expect from us this month.

Mindfulness – What is it, and how can it help your overall health?
Our health coaches will introduce you to the ancient practice of mindfulness, and how you can implement a mindful approach to many facets of your life to reduce stress and anxiety, prevent disease and live a more balanced life.

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Be Spiritually Savvy
Experts will weigh in on the importance of spirituality for overall health. We’ll include tips for taking time out of your day for reflection, the importance of spiritual self-care and more.

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Sweat the Stress Away
The benefits of exercise go way beyond physical change. Our performance team and health coaches will share how exercise can reduce stress, help you focus and make more mindful decisions about other areas of your health.

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Mindful Eating
How you approach food can make a big impact on your diet. Our dietitians will share tips and insight for appropriate food preparation, how to eat mindfully and learn to appreciate how you fuel your body.

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Catch Your Zzzzz’s
If you haven’t heard it yet, we’ll tell you – sleep is paramount for overall health & well-being. Poor quality or quantity of sleep can contribute to mental and physical health issues, as well as a cranky attitude. Altru’s Sleep Center team will offer fresh insight into how to catch the z’s you’ve been dreaming of.

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Holistic Health & Happiness
We’ll wrap things up with an overview of how a holistic approach can help complete the puzzle of your health & wellness. The different parts of our body work very hard to keep us healthy. When we look at the whole picture and offer a multi-pronged approach to concerns, it helps keep your well-oiled machine working as it’s supposed to.

We’re excited to share our insight with you this month. Stay in touch with us on Facebook for access to videos, tips and articles from our experts on these topics. Happy New Year!

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