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Anthony MorandoAnthony Morando is all about serving others and upgrading lives. In his role as manager of Altru’s Sports Advantage, Anthony continually inspires positive change and everyday strength for his clients and staff. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look into Anthony Morando’s secrets to success.

Give us a run-down of a day in your life. What does your typical Tuesday look like?

  • 4:30-5 a.m. – Wake up, have my coffee and breakfast.
  • 6 a.m. – Train a group or kick off my day with a chapter out of a book.
  • 7-8 a.m. – Get my workout in. (My workouts Monday through Friday have to stay consistent because if I don’t get my physical fitness in, I don’t feel well. I don’t feel energized for the day.)
  • 8 a.m. – 5 or 6 p.m. – I’m either training a group, or fulfilling my role as the manager of Sports Advantage, and in addition to that I am constantly learning how to make our facility better. It’s always pretty busy.
  • Evening – Enjoy downtime at home with my wife, maybe watch a funny movie before bed.
  • 9:30-10 p.m. – Bedtime. Sleep is probably the most important part of my day. I boil some hot water with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of honey. It just kind of relaxes my stomach at the end of the day. I’ll go through a little bit of foam rolling before I go to bed to relax my muscles.

How do you spend your downtime?
I’m a big football fan. I played it in college; it’s my favorite sport in the whole wide world.

On weekends, I really, really try to get some time with my wife. We are two busy people. We try to do things together, whether going for a walk or getting away for the weekend. We value our downtime. We spend our week taking care of everybody else, as our goal is to upgrade lives. We also have to keep in mind that if we’re taking care of everyone else, we also have to take care of ourselves.

What do you keep in your car in case you have extra time?
I have two books: a Bible and a pocket book (about Kaizen). It’s a good reminder that you don’t have to go from 0 to 60. If you can live your life like that, you can see how you improve with little steps. I also have a bottle of water handy and an air freshener, because I don’t want it to stink.

What personal development goals are you working toward right now?
I am fortunate to have a great base of information and knowledge. My personal goals are always refining those patterns. What can I do better? How can I constantly improve within my craft? That is going to entail reading more, learning more, going to different seminars, etc. Just being a better person and learning new things.

Fill in the blank:
I’m going to (  worry  ) less.
I’m going to (  explore the Midwest  ) more.
To get motivated, I (  try to create a different perspective for myself  ).

What’s the best choice you made last year?
Marrying my wife (Monique). 

What’s your mantra?
Always excel. It’s nothing fancy. It just means always try to do what you can do to get better. It can mean anything in your life. I have it written down in English and in Greek in my office and in a notebook. It’s a quick reminder and keeps me going. 

What’s your worst habit?
Biting my nails. 

Best habit for a healthy life?
Nutrition. You can work out as hard as you want, and you can read all the motivational books in the world. But if your nutrition isn’t on point, your tank is not fueled correctly. You have control of what you’re eating. That doesn’t mean don’t reward yourself. It means eating right 80-90 percent of the time. 

Favorite thing about our community?
Everybody is nice. I’ve never experienced this small-town feel before in my life. I had three kids come up to my door the other day, and they had baked us cookies. Also, there’s no traffic—that might be my other favorite thing. 

What foods do you buy most often at the grocery store?
Chicken, ground turkey, string beans, lettuce, tomato, avocado, broccoli, eggs, yogurt, apples, bananas and recently cranberries. We drink a lot of water, tea and almond milk. 

Favorite go-to recipe?
My wife bakes banana bread that’s really good and really healthy. (Get the recipe for Crazy Bread.) 

How do you find balance in your daily life?
Reading provides balance because it provides perspective. My next project is to re-read “Where the Red Fern Grows” because it’s going to relate to my life a lot differently now than when I first read it at eight years old. 

What message do you have for those who are struggling with their health and body image?
Try to create a new habit. Try to do something. Don’t be negative, because if you are, it’s going to make things 10 times worse.

We’re all about helping people. You can’t help anyone else unless you help yourself. It’s not being selfish; it’s being smart. Start somewhere. We upgrade lives; we don’t just train athletes. If you want your life to upgrade, we’re a great resource for you. There is zero intimidation here. We’re here to help this community. 

What is your favorite indulgence?
Pizza. I can’t say enough about pizza. Cheese, well done, no toppings. 

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