The Most Common Running Injuries Our Sports Medicine Doctor Sees

As training heats up for the Grand Forks Wild Hog Marathon, it’s important for runners, both new and seasoned, to understand the potential injuries associated with this sport and how best to prevent and treat them. Unlike contact sports, …

Top 5 Reasons Athletes Should See a Chiropractor

Woman runningAthletes and fitness-focused adults rely on their bodies for more than simply getting around. Peak performance is key in sport, and if the musculoskeletal system isn’t aligned properly, your body can’t reach its potential. As part of Altru Advanced Orthopedics

Run Right: Tips for Putting Your Best Foot Forward

700x700-FB-tempate_run-rightWithout the proper footwear and form, running could be doing your body more harm than good.

Improper running mechanics can cause musculoskeletal pain and injury. To diagnose a problem, first determine how your feet roll when they strike the ground. …

10 Tips for Avoiding and Treating Joint Pain

Did you know you can take certain steps to prevent joint pain? Dr. Darin Leetun, Altru Advanced Orthopedics, shares 10 tips for avoiding and treating joint pain.

10 Joint Care Tip Ortho Pub1. Maintain proper weight.
Excess pounds put extra force on joints, causing …