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Because we want to establish mutual respect between It’s Altru’s bloggers and commenters, we’ve created guidelines to provide some rules for polite yet productive engagement.

Use good judgment. Speak freely. Share your mind. While doing so, strive for accuracy and civility in your communications. We reserve the right to block individuals and remove discussions on any page and to delete excessive posting to improve the overall visitor experience.

Be respectful and professional. Treat others politely and with respect.

In sum, Altru blog posts and comments will:

  • Be accurate and factual.
  • Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.
  • Not contain spam and comments that are off-topic.
  • Be replied to when appropriate.
  • Link directly to online references and original source materials.
  • Not promote one provider over another.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Usage Guidelines

    1. Can you address how Constructive criticism will be addressed here. – If I have an issue with the way something public was handled by Altru as I see it, I’d expect to not be singled out as a complainer, not be impacted in my performance evaluations, and hopefully I would receive a response in a reasonable amount of time.

      Otherwise isn’t this blog just a large cheerleading place that no-one would ever dare write something critical or provide suggestions for how to improve the way we are viewed in the community?

      • Hi Billy-
        Thank you for your comment. We most definitely welcome constructive criticism. As our guidelines state, we simply ask that you be polite and respectful to others and that your posts would remain factual.

        While we personally cannot guarantee that your comments will not be addressed in an evaluation (because we have no control over that–evaluations are between the staff person and his or her manager), we can say that as long as your comment is relevant and constructive, we welcome what you have to say. This is why we started the blog. It’s not meant to be a cheerleading page (although we don’t mind hearing the kudos). It is meant to be an open platform where staff, management and administrators can come together and talk about what is happening with our organization.

        With any comment we receive, it is our goal to respond within one business day.

        Thanks for reading the blog and for being one of our first commenters.

        Have a great weekend!

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