Moms deserve a retreat.

Do you know a rockstar mom? Someone who gives selflessly and loves endlessly?

Maybe she’s a sister, a cousin, a best friend, an aunt or even your own mother or daughter. She deserves a retreat, a time to focus on herself. Altru’s Modern Mom, the Center for Prevention and Genetics and Truyu Aesthetic Center present the Modern Mom Retreat at Choice Health & Fitness.

Retreat Social

This special time just for moms will include a group Pilates session followed by relaxing Truyu at Choice spa services (options include massage, facial or nail services). Upon departure, the moms will be provided with a healthy dinner to bring home for the whole family, prepared by Altru’s food services, Sodexo.

How To
Know of a special mom in your life? Nominate her to win. Simply visit Modern Mom’s Facebook page and post directly on our wall, telling us why she’s deserving of this gift. We will accept your nominations through September 11 and announce winners shortly thereafter.

Contest Rules
One nomination per person. Limited space available. Nominations close at midnight, September 11, 2013. Self-nominations will not be considered. Contest will be judged by Altru’s Corporate Development staff.

One thought on “Moms deserve a retreat.

  1. A mother, is a tireless giver. A mother is a chef, and a chauffeur. A mother, is as knowing as she is wise and as loving as she is caring. A mother is many things, but to me she is my sister, she is my friend. She is Naomi Elizabeth Pokinghorne, a woman who gave me a home when I had none. Originally, I was a transplant from Southern California. I was forced up to North Dakota from my California home due to the poor economy and terrible job development.
    I was starving, I was alone. Naomi not only gave me a home but also gave me both the honor and the privilege, of being the uncle to her only son. Talon was a blessing for Naomi, who herself was a victim of a long string of abuse. With all of the problems and all of the old terrors of the past, she still faces every day head-on and gives everything she feels her family deserves. Every night she cooks with what little food we have on hand, times are hard, but she pulls us through. She plans for everything, she makes sure the household is fed and that her son never goes hungry.
    I can only imagine the stress she feels whenever she goes over the household finances. Or when she pulls everything together to make sure we can survive another month. There are many women out there who deserve relief, and will probably get it, but still I nominate my sister. A mother who has found peace from her past, and has given it her all to keep it.

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