Pleased with Parkwood

HollandWhen F.D. “Bud” and Margine “Mardi” Holland purchased their first home in 1955, they thought they’d stay there for a while. A while turned out to be 55 years. Approaching their late 80s, they began discussing their next living arrangement.

“We knew we shouldn’t wait until we were old and feeble,” said Bud. “We didn’t want the trouble of downsizing if our health wasn’t good.”

“We hadn’t thought about moving too much, but we came into a hectic time,” said Mardi. “I think Bud just got tired of mowing and shoveling, if you ask me.”

That’s when they toured Parkwood Senior Living.

“Jo- [Hirsch, marketing coordinator at Parkwood] gave us a tour, and we said, ‘We’ll take it,’” said Bud. “It was simple as that.”

“The minute we walked in the front door, three ladies who had been my friends for 40 years were sitting there,” said Mardi. “I said to myself and to Bud, ‘If they’re happy here, this looks like a place we might like to be, too.’”

Living Options
From independent and assisted living to basic care and adult day service, Parkwood Senior Living has it all, something for which the Holland’s are thankful.

“We’re comfortable living on our own now, but it’s nice to know there are options down the road,” said Bud.

Mardi still does most of the cooking, but appreciates having the option of three meals a day. No meal plan is necessary; you’re only charged for the meals in which you partake.

Their apartment, consisting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and kitchen, was painted to colors of their choosing.

“The white walls were pretty bland, so Mardi made it warmer in here with some color,” said Bud.

Parkwood’s location, just south of Demers Avenue, is in close proximity to two important places to the Holland’s – Altru Health System for medical appointments and the University of North Dakota for sporting events.

“We’re university people,” said Mardi. “It’s what brought us here in the first place.”

A paleontology job for Bud in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering brought them to Grand Forks. He retired in 1989, after 35 years of teaching. In his honor, the department’s library was renamed the F.D. Holland Geology Library upon his retirement.

Staying Busy
If you tried to do every activity available to the residents at Parkwood, you’d have a full calendar. There are movie nights, bingo, exercise classes, cooking classes, quilting, puzzles, ice cream socials, birthday parties and the options change weekly.

An avid reader, Mardi volunteers weekly at the book cart. The Grand Forks Public Library lends new books to Parkwood, and Mardi helps check them in and out for the residents. If nothing on the cart interests readers, there’s also an extensive library at Parkwood from which to choose.

“There’s always someone to say ‘hello’ to while sitting the book table,” she said.

Bud spends his free time out in the garden. Individual and group garden plots are available for the residents to maintain.

“This year, I signed up for two plots,” he said. “Marlys [Pester, Parkwood’s activities coordinator] got gardening up and going here. She is just wonderful. It’s nice to be able to have fresh vegetables from our garden. Mardi does a good job cooking them.”

Good Decision
When asked what their favorite thing about Parkwood is, Bud and Mardi were stumped for a moment.

“I just like it here,” said Mardi. “It’s comfortable and safe. You can take advantage of what you want to do.”

“Parkwood is all the things I thought it would be,” said Bud. “All the staff are really friendly. They work with you and help you when you need it. It’s a very comfortable place and has been from the day we moved in.”

Do you know someone who calls Parkwood their home? How do they like it there? Let us know. 

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