Whether Selling Cars or Healing Humans, Great Service is Great Service

CraigRead the raving online reviews or talk to anyone who’s purchased a car from sales consultant Craig Croaker at Rydell Cars. It’s clear that great service is his priority.

Craig talks about Altru Health System in a similar fashion: “I was so impressed by the care that I didn’t even want to go home.”

Strange Warmth
After a relaxing trip to Jamaica, Craig noticed a strange warm spot on his chest while at the gym. He immediately called the clinic, and the nurse recommended he come in for a stress test.

Over the next few days, Craig saw his family practitioner Dr. Joshua Deere, cardiologist Dr. Jason Go, and arranged for an angioplasty with cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Barry Bjorgaard.

“It was like clockwork,” explains Craig. “Every appointment was exactly on time or within a few minutes.”

Unfortunately, they found seven blocked arteries. Craig went home Friday afternoon, with open heart surgery scheduled bright and early Monday morning.

Seamlessly Positive
From admission on Monday to discharge the following Friday, everything went smoothly. In fact, it was better than he expected.


“I was so impressed by the care. It was very heartfelt,” Craig reflects. “I started writing down the names of people who impressed me, but there were just too many to list. From doctors to nurses to off-site therapists, from the positive attitudes of the cleaning staff to friendly smiles from the front desk staff, everyone was so good. They were true examples of ladies and gentlemen in their work.”

Have you experienced great service from Altru? We would love to hear about it.

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