Dancing Through Graduation and Life | Alyssa’s Altru Advanced Orthopedics Story

AlyssaAs Alyssa Amundson looks forward to college at NDSU this fall, she has a lot to figure out—what classes to take, where she’ll live, if she’ll find a part-time job. But there is one thing she knows for sure: she …

New Knee, New Energy for Teaching

Sandy EspeSandy Espe has taught business classes at Grand Forks Central High School for the past 30 years. She’s passionate about teaching and helping her students succeed.

Last year, Sandy could no longer give it her all.

“I felt like I …

Deep Sea Fishing with New Shoulders

Ralph's AMRalph Osterhout is looking forward to a trip to Mexico in January. Deep sea fishing is on his list of things to do, and with two brand new shoulders, he’s ready to enjoy his upcoming adventure.

Through Altru Advanced Orthopedics

Living and Hunting with a New Knee

SamsonA carpenter most of his life and currently working in Maintenance at the University of North Dakota, Dan Samson relies on his hands and knees to get his job done every day. When he’s not pounding nails, you can …